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#18 The chilled space network meets again

13th June | Munich

Through our events, we craft a place for discussion, knowledge exchange, and action around NewSpace centred in Bavaria. We showcase and engage the thriving NewSpace community in a rejuvenated spirit of networking, in a fun, productive and collaborative manner!

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#18 The chilled space network meets again

Hello SpaceBrewery! We have 50 spots in the Biergarten to meet on June 13. Register on meetup and join us to continue to brew #Newspace passion in Munich.

June 13th – Königlicher Hirschgarten Restaurant

#17 A taste of space with BMW’s Technology Sherpa, Oliver Wick

An evening with a special guest where we will infuse non-space with a taste of space. Learn from BMW’s Technology Sherpa, Oliver Wick on “NewSpace for mobility: the BMW perspective”

#16 Luxembourg meets Bavaria – NewSpace success stories

A glimpse into the NewSpace success stories from  Luxembourg and Bavarian with Spire and RFA.


SpaceBrewery is the place to engage and learn from the brewing NewSpace community in/around Munich!

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